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Greetings and a warm welcome to you. I am glad you are here. I have a simple message: know that healing and freedom are absolutely possible for you. Explore the resources on this website and learn to discover the possibility of healing and freedom in every moment. This is the end of self- help and the beginning of an amazing journey of self-discovery.

  • Have you been feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed- perhaps for a long time?
  • Do you have a sense that there’s much more to you than is currently showing up?
  • Do you feel like something is frustrating you and holding you back?

If so, I have good news for you. There is nothing wrong with you. Nothing about you needs to be improved or fixed. Who you really are is an absolute miracle and powerful beyond belief. Being who you really are, being in your natural state, is completely satisfying. Being in your natural state is complete openness and freedom. The limitations and emotional suffering you are experiencing indicate that you are currently not in your natural state. Therefore, if your goal is to fully resolve your suffering and what is holding you back, then the only real solution is to return to your natural state. And the amazing thing is that returning to your natural state is possible at any moment. Which means that healing and freedom are also possible at any moment.

Diamond Heart Healing aims to be a loving field of connection where you will find many resources, including a blog and practical exercises, that will inspire and support you in returning to your natural state of being, and thus to healing and freedom.

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This is a completely new way of looking at what holds people back, what causes them to suffer, and what it really takes to completely and permanently resolve their obstacles and emotional suffering.

“What you wil discover, will enable you to change all aspect of your life”

Is it really that easy?

The solution is relatively simple, but it is not so easy to do it all by yourself. Everyone needs help and support with this. Hello, my name is Hassan Elkadi. I am so thrilled that I get to bring this profound and powerful understanding to you and help you learn to live it in your daily life, so that you are able to set yourself free and live your life fully.



“Hassan shows in a very inspiring way for me how my true nature can become more and more anchored in my life, and he has given me guidance I needed to finally let go of very old pain.”

— Reinier de Nooij

“I regularly recommend Hassan to my network as a wise and sincere guide with a very clear mind. Hassan is also very engaged with his students and works with great enthusiasm, stability and compassion. I am grateful that Hassan is part of my life.”

— Annelieke Selbach

“Hassan connects theory, life wisdom and life experience. He is a precise and careful guide who dares to mirror and confront people. This in a bedding of loving kindness and non-judgment.”

— Yvonne van Nijnatten

“I have experienced Hassan as a guide/trainer as technically very competent, and as a human being very involved.”

— Resie

“In the trainings I was able to perceive and feel more intensely various aspects of my inner abilities, which were more or less buried by my conditioning, etc., such as true compassion and inner strength. And I received tools to further develop these aspects through inquiry, meditation methods and practice in daily situations.”

— Jan de Jonge

“Hassan enjoys working as a coach. He offers a safe and pleasant atmosphere and listens with attention. The combination of his experience, clarity, objectivity, openness and humor makes him a great and inspiring guide.”

— Katalin

“From his own experience and acquired insight, Hassan guides you with a warm devoted heart. With his love for awareness development, he knows how to get through to people who are receptive to change with gentle and clear guidance.”

— Deva Vibeke Evenhuis

I have known Hassan as a coach for a long time, and he is an inspiring trainer to me. With great understanding of the student, loving, attentive and fortunately also with a large dose of humor.
The lessons and trainings Hassan teaches are valuable and intense and most of all give me a lot of confidence in the Path I am walking. I am glad I know him!!”

— Wil

“Every rediscovered capacity in myself has supported me to get clarity on my life-wraps and to un-wrap them. Learning to ‘be’ more in zest for life, in peace, in loving kindness and in joy. Every training day I picked up another piece of myself. Crying or laughing.”

— Monique Schep 

“I know Hassan as a special person and as a teacher. I am most impressed by his enthusiasm and the clarity with which he explains and his ability to ask questions in order to uncover the personal issues of us students.”

— Marc Penard

“Every time I am amazed at the answers my body gives me-and because those answers are ‘so me,’ they are precious to me. Hassan is a person of great integrity, who knows how to name that which allows me to look at a situation from a new perspective.”

— Willeke

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