Aspects of our Being

Our natural capacities to live our lives fully

When we are in our natural open state, it means we are open to be touched by the outside world, and we are open for all aspects of our being to emerge and function in the world. We are then free to express all of our aspects in relationship with others. We are powerful when needed, loving when needed, passionate, intelligent, peaceful, sharp, clear, gentle or compassionate when needed. There is no aspect of us that is held back. We are free to express the fullness of who we are. We are fully ourselves at any moment. And there is nothing like being one’s self, it is completely satisfying. It is true fulfilment and freedom.

The aspects of our being are different ways of expressing ourselves, different ways of being. And they are also qualities that help us become more effective and capable in our lives. They have certain functions, give us certain capacities. We also call them essential qualities or essences.

Some of our essences are fundamental to our healing process. We need them to sustain and complete the journey to healing and freedom. To give you a better understanding of what these essences are and what they do for us when they function freely within us, I give below a brief description of the essences we need most in our process of healing. Each essence has its own physical and energetic characteristics such as color, texture, temperature and taste.

White Essence: inner support and confidence

White Essence gives us a sense of inner solidity, being rooted, and a feeling of deep support and being held. This makes us feel extremely relaxed, at ease and confident in the midst of our daily lives. The feelings of inadequacy and constantly needing to do your best dissolve. White Essence is what gives us self-confidence. It is the support to be, to be ourselves. When we reconnect with our white essence, performance anxiety or fear of failure disappears. The cause of fear of failure is the disconnection with our inner support. Inner support provides us with steadfastness and patience. It allows us to be present with whatever is there. We stay present in the face of difficulties and challenges without losing our balance. We are grounded and undisturbed like a mountain.

Red Essence: inner strength and courage

Without our red essence, we feel held back. We feel weak, anxious, inadequate or incapable. But when we reconnect with our Red Essence, these difficulties and limitations are completely dissolved. Red Essence empowers us, enables us. It is the fire that is needed to start, to take the plunge, to show up. It has a sense of potency. It gives us the feeling of “I can”. When Red Essence flows in our body, we feel strong, courageous and full of life. This aspect of our being gives us the capacity to deal with the challenges and opportunities in our lives while feeling strong and enthusiastic. It gives us the courage to face difficulties and face our fears in our healing process and in the world. We feel capable of saying no in an appropriate way and to distance ourselves from old structures that hold us back and stand in the way of our unfoldment and our individuality. Red Essence heals separation anxiety.

Black Essence: inner peace and power

When this aspect of our being fills our body, we feel a deep peace and a deep sense of intimacy with ourselves, the other and existence. Black essence erases our worrying, doubt, and overthinking, and it lands us in deep peace and tranquility. We experience silence, tranquility and instant knowing. It shows us what true power is. True power is the ability to erase everything that is not real in us; the ability to erase mental beliefs and self-images from the past. And what remains is Peace. With black essence our conditioning, our personal history, has no power over us anymore. With the black essence we are master of our own life again. Black essence enables us to face and resolve the issues of fear of not knowing, fear of death and the issues of doubt and hatred.

Green Essence: compassion and loving kindness

When this aspect of our being is present in our body, we feel surrounded by loving kindness, gentleness and compassion. Compassion gives us the capacity to meet our inner experience with loving kindness, acceptance, and gentleness. This presence acts as an inner balm. It allows us to tolerate vulnerability and hurts. It allows us to remain present with our own and others’ pain. It is compassion that allows us to go deep into our wounds so that our pain and sorrow heals. Compassion is needed to heal, to become whole, and to grow and prosper. 

Yellow Essence: joy and curiosity

When this aspect of our being bubbles in our body, we have a feeling of subtle joy and lightness. This ability eases the heaviness and anxieties of our hearts and gives us the capacity to celebrate life and live life in a joyful way. It allows us to be curious about ourselves and life. With this ability we welcome life with open arms. We experience the lightness and simplicity of being ordinary and we leave the heaviness and seriousness behind us. Here we distance ourselves from old impressions left behind by our environment and our parents that now hinder us from being joyful.

Merging Gold Essence: melting love

Of all the Essences of Love, the Merging Gold is what we desire most, consciously or unconsciously, we long to merge again and thus experience the sweetness of our being. This love feels warm and sweet like golden liquid honey. This merging Gold has the property of melting away tight boundaries within ourselves. This honeyed Gold also has the property of melting away tight boundaries with others, such as our tendency to distance or judge others. It gives the feeling of being held and cherished in a warm embrace. When we are able to connect with the Golden Essence, it has a profound effect on all aspects of our lives. It flows through our lives with a loving glow. Relationships and work become easier. When the merging gold flows into our system, the body feels resilient, flexible and supple. Like a cat’s body. Our body can easily make its movements and twists. Without the merging gold, our body feels brittle, dry and fragile.

Pomegranate Essence: passionate love

With melting gold you want to be with your loved one, melting away together on the couch. With Passionate Love you don’t just want to be with your lover, you want to eat your lover. In Passionate love there is fire! It is an intense desire to be as close as possible, to be as intimate as possible with what you desire. Melting love is very relaxing, it is a melting in sweetness. There’s no excitement in it. With Passionate love you are bursting with excitement, you are ecstatic. Pomegranate essence is a mix of Red and Black in one quality. It has the strength and courage of Red and the silence and power of Black. Red makes your heart strong and courageous; there is no fear. And Black clears and stills your head. You have no fear and your head is empty. Can you imagine what is possible then? Whatever you desire, whatever you love, nothing holds you back.