Coming home to yourself

Time for yourself to rest, heal what needs attention and return to your natural state; open and free! Diamond Heart Healing retreats offer you an unforgettable journey within. All retreats offered here are designed and curated to allow deep healing, relaxation and personal transformation. A process that begins in the retreat and continues long after you have returned to everyday life.

The Place

It is essential to take time for yourself in a place designed to fully support your process of healing and self-realization, A place that supports you to be who you really are; open and free. This is why retreat centers are carefully chosen. The centers are designed and organized to invite you to let go, relax and land in Yourself. The surroundings inspire, excite and are soothing. They are all magical places. During your stay you will be completely unburdened and cared for. The beautiful views, delicious wholesome food and wonderful facilities and rooms reflect and support the free unique Self that you essentially are.

Upcoming retreats

Below you will find scheduled retreats. Retreats are being held in a variety of locations. If you have questions or would like to be kept informed, please contact me.