Private Sessions

Holding space for your deepest unfolding

Are you tired of feeling stuck, frustrated, confused, and separate…from yourself and the possibilities of life?

We create a safe open space where you can fully embrace all that arises: the subtle depression or anxiety, the fear that holds you back, believing you’re broken or not enough, feeling stuck or confused. Together, we will shed the light and love of our presence in those parts of you that have protected you, but now hold you back and cause you to suffer.

By embracing your experience as fully as possible and at the same time being curious about it, you bring awareness into it and begin to understand what your experience is about. By seeing the truth of your experience, by bringing clear understanding into your experience, your experience unfolds. It becomes transparent. It lets go of its form and becomes openness. In this way you get back in touch with your openness, which is your natural state of being. And this is what dissolves your self-defense. The self-contraction which was holding you back and causing you to suffer dissolves. The self-created personal cage dissolves and you feel relaxed, at ease and free again. This returning to your natural state is a loving and joyful event. Every time it happens, it feels like coming home. You come home to yourself. You return to wholeness and freedom.

You discover that by being present to all your moment-to-moment experience is the path to healing and freedom. You will learn a very powerful method, Diamond Heart inquiry, which helps you develop the capacity to be present and open to all the experiences you are going through. We’ll practice together so you can integrate this way of being in your daily life. Practicing this and making this fresh way of being your own is all you ever really need to set yourself free. Once you get used to the openness and trust the fact that the openness is your natural state of being, you begin to move forward in your life feeling more confident, calm, and connected than you’ve ever felt before. You know the possibility of coming home to yourself in any moment.

I’m dedicated to my work with you. I bring to the work a clear open mind and the loving presence that invites you to welcome all of you, to bring presence to all the tender parts of your experience, to turn toward painful emotions and meet them fully in a loving embrace.

Practical information

We’ll meet online, so you can live anywhere in the world. We’ll dive in together to understand exactly what you’re struggling with.

Here’s how it works:

Questions for Clarity

After you contact me by email, you’ll receive a short list of questions to respond to. This helps us both get clear on where you’re feeling stuck and what you’re looking for.

Discovery session

Prior to your coaching sessions, we will have an unbinding informative conversation to explore your coaching question(s) and to see if there is a mutual click. This session is 30 minutes and the fee is €30. If you decide to start sessions, this fee will be deducted with the first session. And is therefore then free of charge.


Our sessions are 60 minutes. An average coaching program consists of six sessions. Depending on the nature of your question(s), the trajectory can be shorter or longer, but you always keep control.

The investment

The fee is €125 per session. If needed for your situation, you can choose a sliding scale of €105 or €90 per session.

Ready to get started?

I would love to help you!