The Method

Opening to what is

Diamond Heart Healing has several methods to help you reconnect with your natural state. The most important and central method is Diamond Heart Inquiry.

What is Diamond Heart Inquiry?

Being present to all your experiences

The Diamond Heart inquiry is a very powerful transformative method in which you learn to develop the capacity to be present and open to all the experiences you are going through and to your feelings about them. Being present to your experience does not mean that you have to like it. You just allow what is already there. You acknowledge the truth of your experience. You learn to stay present and open with all your moment-to-moment experiences without judgment.

Embracing your pain and suffering

This method teaches you how to stay present and open, not just to what feels good and wonderful, but a true openness that embraces your pain and suffering as well. Allowing our pain is vital because defending against pain causes us to lose connection with our natural open state. When we allow the pain, feeling it as fully as possible and at the same time being curious about it, we bring awareness into it and begin to understand what the pain is about. We then can see that it is not the present situation that is hurting us, but that the pain is already within us. We then can see that something or someone has touched us in an old wound from the past and brought the pain to the surface. We then realize that nothing needs to be defended, that the hurt has already happened. There is no more reason for that defense. We can see that the selfcontraction, our defense, has protected us, but now holds us back and causes us to suffer.

Understanding and compassion

This is not therapy. We are not trying to fix, change or get rid of anything. The only approach here is understanding. It is compassionate, loving understanding. It is attuned exactly to where you are at the moment. Only with compassionate understanding you feel safe again and let go of your defenses, allowing you to reconnect with your natural state, with your openness. And ultimately, this openness is what will truly dissolve your suffering and what is holding you back and set YOU free.

It is this combination of objective, clear and precise understanding and compassionate attunement to where you are at the moment that makes Diamond Heart Inquiry so powerful and transformative.

And the beauty moreover is that this method requires no special place, time or attitude. Your moment-to-moment experience is the entrance to healing and freedom. And your everyday life is the laboratory of your exploration. It is a journey of self-discovery in which you increasingly allow yourself to be open and sensitive, allowing old pain and limitations to surface and dissolve, so that you can be fully present in your life without protection, so that you can be completely yourself and live life fully. It is what we all love and want; to be ourselves, to be free and at ease with ourselves and the world. It is the end of emotional suffering, conflicts and dissatisfaction. It is our natural state of being. It is what true healing and freedom is all about.

Want to learn a method that really enables you to discover true healing and freedom?