About me

Love of the truth

Greetings and a warm welcome to you. My name is Hassan Elkadi. I am an awareness coach/teacher who loves this human life and the freedom that’s possible to live it fully. I know from my own experience that healing and freedom are possible at any moment, which is why I find it so sad that people suffer. I think it is such a shame that people suffer. It is painful to see how we keep ourselves trapped in a defensive state of being all the time, causing ourselves and others so much pain. It is painful to see how we keep ourselves so small when who we are is an absolute miracle and powerful beyond belief. It’s such a shame. I really think that there is simply no need for it. And knowing this is what drives me and gives me joy.

Hassan Elkadi

My approach

My approach is open and constantly evolving. In my work, I integrate psychological knowledge with the deep and practical truths about healing and freedom. When it comes to what is holding you back and causing you to suffer in life, I believe that full resolution is possible. And it is possible at any moment. This belief is based on my own experience and the experience of so many people I have worked with over the past 14 years.

My story

My journey to wholeness and freedom began when I came to a point in my life where I felt something fundamental was missing in me and in my life. It felt as if I was living only a very small and a superficial part of me. I had a sense that there’s so much more to me than was showing up in my life. Something was holding me back and frustrating me, but I didn’t understand what that was. What is causing me to feel this way? And how can I free myself from it?

Asking those questions led to an inspiring journey of self-discovery. A journey that through the path of compassionate understanding has led to discovering my natural free state. Which turned out to be the healing force. I think that this healing force I try to stay close to and transmit, is more why you are here reading this rather than the details of my historical self. Although I am grateful for my past and it has shaped me, I do not let it define me. After all the work of trying to free myself, I realize that every time I identify myself with a historical self, I lose connection with my natural state, which is free of history, free of conditioning.

My guidance

The connection with my natural state is what allows me to set myself, my story and my beliefs aside and stay open to what is, to the truth. I will help you learn to connect with this openness and clarity, because this openness, this clarity will enable you to see and understand the truth of your experience. It brings crisp clarity into your truth. It is an objective, clear and precise understanding without judgment. Your mind becomes like a diamond; clear, precise, vibrant and in balance. And that is what the Diamond part of Diamond Heart Healing means to me.

My guidance is objective, clear, sharp and always focused on truth, but it is also always accompanied by deep respect, compassion and love for you and your process. It is always attuned to where you are right now in your process. And it is always with the intention to empower you to shed your light and love in these parts of you that have protected you, but now hold you back and cause you to suffer. And this is what the Heart part of Diamond Heart Healing means to me.

I will not buy into the understandable need you may have to improve yourself, get rid of something or fix something about you, because those are all things that keep you small and cause you to suffer. It leads you further away from yourself. And it’s not worthy of who you are. So, I won’t help you to get rid of where you are at now, because exactly where you are at now, is where you will find healing and freedom. I will always point to where you are at instead of away from you. And I will stay there with you with loving kindness, until you see and experience for yourself that staying with where you are at, is the key to your natural state and thus to healing and freedom. Practicing this and making this key your own is all you ever really need to set yourself free.

When you are ready to get started, I warmly invite you to book a discovery session. 

I live in The Netherlands, but we will meet online. I love that we can work together no matter where in the world you live!