Healing starts with connecting

I am happy to hear from you with brief questions or comments. But unfortunately, I’m not able to offer you personal advice about what you are struggling with by email.

Here are some suggestions. First, you are very welcome to sign up for a discovery session to get clear on where you are stuck and what you are looking for, and to see if there is a mutual click to move forward with each other. Sign up through the contact form below or learn more about private sessions here: private sessions

Also, I highly recommend registering for the online gatherings so that you will be kept informed about when they start and how to participate. I know how helpful it is to be part of a supportive field of loving connection. For details and registration, please click here: online gatherings

Please also look through the blog posts on this site. I have written extensively about what holds us back and makes us suffer. Each article includes a practice or inquiry that you can apply to your own direct experience. You will learn valuable insights on how to dissolve what is holding you back and causing you to suffer. To make sure you don’t miss any new articles, subscribe to the blog. You can find the subscription form at the bottom of the home page

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