Online gatherings

A supportive field of loving connection

The online gatherings offer a deep dive into the practical aspects of living a life of openness and freedom. Your everyday human life will be the laboratory as we explore the psychological patterns blocking our ability to reconnect with our natural state; our openness and freedom.

With the Diamond Heart Inquiry, we will practice a way of being with our experience that brings clear insight into what is holding us back from being in our natural state; open and free. The more we practice this fresh way of being, the more we trust that openness is our natural state. And the more we do that, the more we feel relaxed and at ease with ourselves and therefore able to stay grounded in the present moment – even when things are difficult. And the more we are present, the more free and able we are to live our lives fully.

Practicing presence

We need to practice this way of being because our habitual way of being is reactive. In general, we find it very difficult to be fully present to whatever there is without reacting. It is very difficult for us to be with our daily experience without doing anything to change or influence it. If we are scared or hurt, we want to get away from it. If we are happy, we want to get more or to hold to what we have. There is a constant manipulation of experience. And it is largely unconscious.

Opening to our essential qualities

We encounter difficult experiences in our healing process and in daily life; pain, anger, shame, fear, conflict- all things that make it difficult to simply be. In order to be able to stay present with our experience, we need resources. For example, we need Strength and Courage to face our fears and the unknown. We also need Loving kindness and Compassion to allow the tender and painful parts in us to arise an heal. Some other qualities that help us in our unfoldment and in living our openness and freedom are: Peace and Stillness, Confidence and Inner support, Joy and Curiosity. These are all qualities of our being. When we are fully ourselves. When we are in our natural state, open and free, these qualities emerge naturally when they are needed.

Here you can read more about our essential qualities: aspects of our being

In a supportive field of loving connection, we’ll open to these essential qualities in our own experience. We will shine the light of our inquiry on these qualities. What is our experience when we deeply feel into these qualities of being? Why do we often fail to experience them? What blocks them and how can we free them so that they can serve us in our healing process and in our daily lives?

The healing power of loving connection

We come together in the safe space of loving community for this deep exploration, including teachings, guided meditation, practical tools and heartfelt conversations. Bring all of you, your curiosity, love, boldness, passion and your fears, shame, questions, and confusion. All is welcome unconditionally!

When it comes to discovering and living our freedom, it is essential to have a supportive field of loving community. We can’t do it on our own. The disconnection from our natural state, from our openness and freedom, happened in the context of relationship. And healing can only take place in relationship with the other person. We need a loving connection to heal.

I believe in the healing power of loving connection. My mission is to create an inspiring loving field of connection where like-minded people, who are open to discovering that healing and freedom are possible at any moment, come together to learn, grow and thrive.

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